Drum Motors

From these manufacturers: BDL | Interroll | Rulmeca

A drum motor is a motor were the body rotates around  stationary shafts. The rotating ”drum” becomes the surface that drives the conveyor belt. The entire internal mechanism, including the stator, gearbox and bearings are housed internally and are completely sealed and protected from dust and water (IP65, 66 or 67.) The oil inside the drum motor provides continuous lubrication for the bearings and gears, and removes heat to help cool the motor windings.

Drum Motor Vs. Conventional Gearbox Systems:
Unlike conventional motor/gearbox setups the drum motor has no chains or V-belts to drive a conveyor belt. This means no cleaning, align or lubricating the sprockets, no pillowblock bearings to grease, and it doesn’t require a chain guards. The drum motor is a simple and powerful one-piece motorized motor which replaces all external components. Just an in-place oil change after 50,000 hours is all that’s ever needed. No disassembly required. The result: almost no maintenance or downtime. That means lower costs and higher productivity.

Much more compact…safer…cleaner operation
The drum motor very compact unit and is an actually part of the conveyor framework. That means you can fit more conveyor into less floor or overhead space, by eliminating bulky part on the side of the conveyor. All moving parts are enclosed in the steel or stainless drum shell which eliminates hazardous moving parts and pinch points, to drive the belt. 

Drum Motors . . . a cost effective alternative to conventional drive conveyor systems
Savings of up to 30% in reduced electricity and maintenance costs per drive, per year by using a drum motor. When you take these savings per year it’s easy to see how the drum motor can quickly pay for themselves in a very short time.


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